SeaSurf 1.5 for Android

SeaSurf 1.5 adds a new icon to SeaSurf and also adds an update button so you know the latest version available.

Hello everyone! SeaSurf for Android has been updated to version 1.5 and this update has a new feature and a new icon. I recommend updating ASAP.


To Update, follow the instructions for your version of SeaSurf below:

SeaSurf 1.4 – simply download the ZIP file provided in this post, extract it and you should get seasurf15.apk. Tap on it and you should be able to install the update.

SeaSurf 1.3 – if you didn’t upgrade to 1.4 then you can still upgrade with the same method as upgrading from 1.4.

SeaSurf 1.2 – you should of upgraded to 1.4 but to upgrade to 1.5, follow the same steps as upgrading from 1.4.

SeaSurf 1.1 – You will need at least Android 4.1 to upgrade to SeaSurf 1.5, so you should check your OS version in the Device Settings. Then delete SeaSurf 1.1 from your device and then follow the instructions for all the above versions.

No SeaSurf – a new SeaSurf user. Awesome! Download the ZIP and extract it, then tap on the APK to install.

Here is the .ZIP file:

I hope you like the new version!

Epic Chas Gamer, developer of SeaSurf 😎


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