Lapis Island – A Minecraft Experiment map

This is Lapis Island, an experiment map in .mctemplate format. This will import it as a world template so you can make a new world using it any time.

It is based on command blocks, so it doesn’t really take you into a new dimension. Instead, it teleports you high into the sky onto a floating island made of lapis lazuli blocks and a house with a chest full of DIAMONDS. A bed even though you don’t need it because of Always Day but if you configure the world differently you may want it.

I hope you enjoy!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Minecraft PE Human Mob Addon

Download addon here!

Download the addon from the link provided above. Once downloaded, extract the .zip file and you should get an .mcaddon file. Double click or tap on the addon and it should open MCPE/Win10 and install the addon. Create a new world, click Behaviour Packs and enable the behaviour and then resources should be enabled automatically and Minecraft won’t let the resource be disabled until the behaviour has been disabled first as the resource is required for the behaviour pack to work.

Leap into your world and try to spawn a zombie. You should see a Steve just like in the early Minecraft PC Betas. If you try to spawn a husk…


I saw a small Herobrine too. He doesn’t yet attack you like a boss mob. Not yet…

I hope you like my addon for MCPE/Win10.