Minecraft for Parents – #5

Sorry for not posting any guides for a few days.

Today I will explain Survival mode, a mode where your possibilities are limited by the fact that you have to collect items before using them.

To use Survival Mode, follow this guide to create a new world if you can’t remember how but change the gamemode to Survival instead of Creative. As a beginner, you shouldn’t try Hardcore as this gamemode doesn’t allow you to respawn after being killed once.

In More World Options, make sure cheats are disabled and enable Bonus Chest as this is a great feature for beginners. Then ignore the seed box and click Create New.

Version Difference:

The other versions of Minecraft don’t allow Bonus Chest which is a shame. Just ensure cheats are off and change Gamemode to Survival and click Create!

Look around for the bonus chest. Open it and you should get some starter items:

I got a stone pickaxe but as these chests are randomly generated you probably have different things.

Click on the item to move it. Hover over your inventory and click a free slot in your hotbar.

Then press ESC to exit the chest. Remember to do the same with all the other things (drag them to your inventory or hotbar).

Or, to suck all items into your inventory, close the chest with all the items in, and then mine the chest or the torches.

Some Minecraft Experts may say that you should not mine the chest and torches because if you need to find your starting point for some reason then the chests will show you it. However, torches are helpful for lighting up dark areas and when your inventory becomes full as you get better you may want to store your items in a chest.

Move around just like normal Minecraft and the next guide will come soon!


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