Sir Wolf’s Castle – the scary escape

Inside the Monster Tamed Wolf, a load of neutral wolves were trying to find their way out. They realised the monster tamed wolf was a parkour that would take forever to escape. One wolf found a ladder, but then Sir Bum-Smacker came falling down and they all fell onto a lower block.

“Thank you for that.” complained a wolf sarcastically.

“Sorry. I got eaten too.” mentioned Sir Bum-Smacker.

The wolves all leaped across parkours and Sir Bum-Smacker suddenly fell. He landed, and began to continue falling. He got a grip on a block and climbed up onto it. He continued running across the parkour.

The wolves began falling and then Sir Bum-Smacker’s eyes changed colour. They changed from red to green. His face became like an untamed wolf’s. The mind-control potion had worn off him.

He leaped and hurled himself and all the wolves onto a block. They were all surprised to see Sir Bum-Smacker saving them and they all ran out. Sir Bum-Smacker was now Sir Smacker and Shield Evil was so shocked. When Shield Evil sprayed mind-control potion at him Shield realised no-one was near him. Shield began to scream as he was transformed.

Everybody began to chat at the castle. All the tamed wolves were good again. When Sir Wolf began to talk to Sir Smacker, Sir Smacker faded away. He was seen in the clouds. Chas ran towards the clouds and hopped onto another cloud that looked like a destroyed castle. Sure thing, it was a destroyed, abandoned castle. WinterGirl ran up with him and they walked into the remains of the castle and then realised all the wolves and Sir Wolf were following them. They looked and saw the destroyed castle and then a wolf with a thick collar turned round. All of the wolves were shocked but Chas and WinterGirl gasped in surprise.

Meanwhile, Shield Evil had turned into an untamed wolf. The Monster Tamed Wolf licked its lips and came over. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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