Minecraft for Parents – #3

Now that you have created a world, then it is time to get started. Move around with WSAD keys and jump with space. For PE, the controls are easy enough to learn by yourself. On the Win10 version, use the same controls as on PC.

Double tap on space to fly, press hard on space to fly higher, and double press space to fall. Use SHIFT to lower yourself. Try flying to explore your world.

Use the Small Circle control to jump in PE. Tap it twice to fly. Tap it twice again to fall.

You will see a bar at the bottom of the screen with blocks in. This is the hotbar. Use number keys 1-9 to navigate your hotbar. In the PE version, there are items preloaded in the bar. In PC, it is empty. In Win10 the items are preloaded just like PE.

As these guides are designed to be pretty simple, I won’t chat about the inventory in this post. In the next post I will go into discussing this.

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