Minecraft for Parents – #2

Welcome to the Minecraft Guide for parents! This is 100% unofficial but is still a great starters’ guide.

This post will be explaining about how to open Minecraft.

On the PC, double click on the Minecraft shortcut on the Desktop. If there isn’t one, then go to C:\Program Files (x86\Minecraft and right click on MinecraftLauncher.exe and click Send to, and then Desktop.

Then go to the desktop and a Minecraft shortcut should be there.

On Linux, you first need to get Java. It is free to download but remember that the latest Java 8 Update 131 (at the time of writing) should work well with Minecraft.

Then run the Minecraft.jar file you downloaded from Minecraft.net.

On the Mac, run Minecraft.dmg and then launch Minecraft from your Applications menu.

You should be greeted with a game launcher. This is normal, don’t worry, click on Play and Minecraft should download.

Once the game opens, click Single Player, then Create New world, and then take a look:

First, if you are a starter of Minecraft, which is very likely if reading this, you should just select Creative Mode, name your world something like “Starter World” and create new. As you get more experienced in Minecraft, you can tweak the world settings a bit.

In Windows 10 Edition, you launch the Game from the Microsoft Start Menu. You can pin it as a live tile if you want.

To create a world in this version, follow on:

Here is the world creation menu in PE and Win10 versions of Minecraft.

In the next post I will explain about building stuff in your world.

Go on, you know you want to! Leave a comment

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