Sir Wolf’s Castle – Sword of Power

The ‘criminal’  arrived at the castle and ran in. He revealed himself as Chas and told the rest of the heroes that Shield Evil wanted a Diamond Sword called the sword of power. Chas rode a horse towards Wolf village and ran down the stronghold-based cave. He pulled out an item frame and placed the sword inside. He ran and came up to the surface and rode back to the castle. Chas then spilled paint over an Unbreaking I wooden sword that was almost broken which made it look like a diamond one. He rode his horse towards the Tamed Wolf Home and rang the doorbell. Shield Evil ran to get the door and was enraged to see Chas at the door. He said “Chas, the tamed wolves are now mine. There is absolutely no point in asking for them back”.

Chas said  “To your surprise,  I am not coming to take the tamed wolves back. I have a present for you”.

Chas handed over the sword of ‘power’ to Shield. Shield snatched it and started cackling. When Chas was leaving Shield didn’t hear Chas snigger.

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