Sir Wolf’s Castle – Life of WinterGirl

WinterGirl is a defender of Sir Wolf and a major character in Sir Wolf’s Castle. She wants a rest so she picks a few of her tamed wolves and goes off to the Village of Peace. But is the Village of Peace really the Village of Peace? These villagers get attacked every night by zombies. When WinterGirl arrives, she doesn’t know that the zombies have teamed up with Sir Bum-Smacker to hunt her down. She has to help the villagers and stop them. Chas comes to help fight these zombies and begins building a wall of protection around the village, but this project will take a long time and in the meantime, WinterGirl and Chas have to protect the villagers. Sir Bum-Smacker comes up with techniques to ensure the zombies will win: will Chas and WinterGirl manage to save the villagers.


Planned Stories:

The Cyan-Tist
Chas goes missing
Villager School
An unexpected return
I’m watching you…

More should come. Here is the start of Cyan-Tist:

Cyan looked up to WinterGirl. “Flesh. Rotten Flesh” he exclaimed. “It must be from a zombie” said WinterGirl. “None have been here recently. But one house has been sealed…”
“PINKY! NO! PINKY!” shouted Cyan. Pinky had gone running towards the house with a sign that clearly said “DANGER. KEEP OUT”

WinterGirl had her head in her hands. “NO. OH NO!”. Cyan grabbed Pinky and Pinky moaned. “Should we just peep?”
Winter Girl peeped and saw some caged villagers and Sir Bum-Smacker and Sir Evil walking around in circles.

“We have to save those villagers” stated Cyan. “But how?”
“Only with powerful science”

Cyan ran home and got started.