Video Game Problems

Guys, I have decided to start making a basic half-3D half-2D game in Python. It was going well until I had to create the character’s graphics. He looks great, but I want to crop him so the image has nothing BUT him in it – no “cropped” background or anything, just him and nothing else. I don’t mind ads, really, I don’t. All I want is a solution so we have nothing but the character.

Here is how it looks at the moment:

Please comment with a solution!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎




11 thoughts on “Video Game Problems

  1. Okay so you can use or gimp (both free) for this. In either one you can click on the magic wand tool and then select the background of the character’s image. This should remove the background. Once done save (if your in or export (if your in gimp) as a .png file. Then you should have a character without a background!

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    1. Sorry Brandoboy, it didn’t work in GIMP. I clicked on the wand and selected it and a small outline appeared round the background and character. I tried clicking on the image but no success. How did you do it? Can you explain it more clearly? Thanks!


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