Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 3

Sir Wolf was sitting back in his throne. He heard Shield Evil cackling outside. “My puppy, mine for now and mine to keep!”

Sir Wolf was horrified. He jumped off his throne and ran to fight Shield Evil. Shield was whispering to Sir Bum-Smacker.

“Give that puppy over!” commanded Sir Wolf.

“NEVER!” shouted Shield Evil, “You heard me? Mine for now and mine to keep!”

“I will not allow any puppy to be raised under the influence of you, Shield!” said the brave Sir Wolf, “I am the king…”

“The king of Dumplings. Ha ha!” taunted Shield Evil.

“I am giving you one day to give this puppy over.” Said Sir Wolf in a fair but rather stern voice.

“You won’t see him…” muttered Shield.

They walked off to their camp. Brine saw this and ran off the den too. When Shield and Bum weren’t looking, Brine stole the puppy and hid him, and grew him up.

What will happen in Story 3 Part 2?

Epic Chas Gamer 😎




8 thoughts on “Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 3

  1. I love these stories, they are ever so entertaining. We need to make some more often!!! I cannot do emojis on my laptop


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