Meet the ECG SeaSurf Community

For most pieces of software on earth, there is a community that can help you with problems encountered with the software. 

I am pleased to announce, SeaSurf has a community!

It is worth noting who is in the community currently. There are only a few, but you can sign up anytime!

ARJ – An Android App Developer and Python expert who I had to include in the community.

Codeinfig – the author of a coding language called fig, and creates lots more projects.

Me – the developer of ECG SeaSurf checks whether the community is going well.

If you are on this list and you don’t want to be, then comment on this post requesting a removal. If you want to be a member of the community, then comment on this post requesting to join.

Thank you.

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

10 thoughts on “Meet the ECG SeaSurf Community

  1. if this is going to turn into some kind of “like exchange program” im going to be retiring from it *very* early.

    im not that cheap, and id like to have a name that is better than that. please tell me i wont have to explain this further.

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      1. ive been watching how this is going for what has to be half an hour or more, and trying to figure out what to say or do. im not getting through it seems. let me try more practical advice. if youre going to comment on a post that is (by any stretch of the imagination) sentimental, i ask that your comment be one of the following:

        1. completely relevant to the original post
        2. completely relevant to the comment its replying to
        3. of deep and significant importance to you personally

        in many communities, its against the terms of service to ask for likes in exchange for likes.

        i dont know (or care) whether wordpress has that rule, but it wouldnt surprise me. either way, its too cheap for my taste. youre getting good advice right now, and im sorry if i cant find a nicer way to say it. believe me, ive tried to drop hints and im still trying to be as nice as i can manage it. i wont deny being pretty frustrated at the moment. give it some thought, alright?

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      1. thats another thing. as long as this is a support community for your browser, its possible that i might figure out a way to lend a hand at some point. that being said…

        i dont use windows. and i dont have any up-to-date android devices. my ancient droid tablet hasnt even had a charge in half a year. so while (as a fellow coder) i appreciate the effort youre putting into this application, im not even immediately useful to it. yet. if that means you dont need me for this, i certainly understand.

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      2. Go to to download a test linux version made in python

        Report bugs at, not on this post’s comments :):)


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