Sir Wolf’s Castle – wolves in space

Here is a story that won’t have an episode (well, it might). It is about Sir Wolf’s Castle.

Sir Bum-Smacker tied the castle to a balloon when all wolves were asleep. The balloon went into the air and Sir Bum-Smacker cackled. So did Shield Evil. The cackling woke up all the wolves.

“We are in space” said a 175 year old wolf that wasn’t tamed. Pushie pushie pushie. The wolf woke up all the other untamed wolves.

All tamed wolves were singing “We don’t do push and we don’t do hmhm!”

All untamed wolves were singing “We do push and we do hmhm!”

All hostile wolves were singing “We do bite and we do grrr”

A skeleton looked up and saw the balloon. “ooh, I love destroying wolves and players”.


Pop! Went the balloon. They all landed down!


The untamed wolves were after them!

Hope you enjoyed my story! Why not share it?

Epic Chas Gamer πŸ˜€



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