Comment likes have been disabled

When I respond to your comment, I usually reply and like it. But sorry, I have made the difficult decision to disable comment likes, as getting a reply is a lot more polite. If you are not happy about comment likes being disabled, then please respond to this post. I am so sorry, but it was my only option.

7 thoughts on “Comment likes have been disabled

      1. wrong handle 🙂 its codeinfig on wordpress. (you might have guessed.)

        ya im not trying to be a jerk, just having fun with you.

        if you really wanted to insist on comments, you could. but i think youre better off letting people choose.

        but i think its a useful feature like this: when weve been talking back and forth, and i want to acknowledge that i read your reply without stretching the conversation further, i will “like” it to say “i get what youre saying” or “fair point” (like in a debate.) otherwise i could go back and forth on this sort of topic for the longest 🙂 most people would(do) get tired of that 🙂

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