Create a shortcut to a USB Drive or DVD in Windows

Creating a shortcut on the desktop to a USB Drive or DVD is easy, once you know how…

Having a shortcut to something allows you to launch something that may be hard to navigate to in a file manager, without even opening any file manager program.

First, make sure that your USB Drive or DVD is inserted properly.


Then open your file manager and make a note of the DVD or USB’s Drive Letter (eg, G:)

Then, right click on the desktop, and click New/Shortcut. Type in the DVD or USB’s drive letter and then choose what you want it to be seen as on the desktop. Ta da! You have made a shortcut to your drive.

You can eject the USB or DVD, and the Shortcut will still be there, just won’t do anything. Insert the USB/DVD again and the shortcut should come to life.

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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