The simplest solution to Windows 10 automatically downloading updates and restarting your PC.

Do you hate it when Windows automatically installs updates and reboots when you are in the middle of something?

Microsoft make fabulous software, and always want you to be safe in an online world. But it doesn’t  always work out: automatically installing updates and rebooting the computer.

That is a heap of work lost. Were you writing a document, without knowledge that Windows was going to restart any second? Were you fighting the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, with absolutely no idea your PC was going to reboot?

Well, here is a simple solution!

  • Change your active hours

Think to yourself for a moment: what time do you start using your PC. And at what time do you stop? Luckily, you can configure Windows to never reboot during those “Active Hours”.

To change Active Hours, go to the Settings App, then to Update and Recovery. Make sure you selected the app just called Settings, not Lenovo Settings, in the case of a Lenovo PC.


Click on Change Active Hours, and you will be greeted with the following screen:


Choose your Active Hours and click Save.

Your computer should now only reboot outside of your Active Hours.

  • Save your work occasionally

If writing a document, or creating a slideshow, or something else where there is a save button in it, you should save your work occasionally. This prevents losing too much.


Save your work as a draft occasionally in WordPress. That way, if your system restarts, you won’t lose too much (or even better anything!).

Hope you now know some clever solutions to auto-updates!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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