11 thoughts on “Why is “Be the first to like this” a great way to encourage people to like posts?

  1. very simply, everyone likes being “first.” theyve got the spotlight, they will be the only person there on the page– full undivided attention from anyone that goes there to read it.

    its a psychological trick/advantage/encouragement whether it was thought of by some clever designer, or whether they simply didnt think of something else to put instead. even though i know the trick, if i post (im first!) theres this very (very) tiny bit of excitement about it. its nothing more than a little appeal the ego.

    if it werent so tiny, it would be kind of condescending. if you were having one of those bad days where everyone is annoying, youd read something like that and go “pfft, whatever!”

    nothing wrong with being that sensitive– its just rarely as easy to live that way. i would ask “why do you dislike it?” but i wouldnt demand you explain.

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    1. OK, I will tell you why I dislike it. On my blog I like having at least 1 like on a new post by the end of the day. The “Be the first to like this” message tells me that nobody has liked the post yet. And I understand it doesn’t exactly matter about likes but…

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      1. now that there are comments, wp is literally telling me “go on, you know you want to! leave a comment” as i type this.

        would you prefer it say that, or something else? regarding likes and/or comments, since i keep conflating the two when you ask this.

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      2. I know. That is something I configured my blog to do. It encourages people to comment on my posts. If you don’t like it then just reply and I will post a poll in the next 48 hours. Cheers! Epic Chas Gamer 😀


      3. oh no, its fine with me. im guessing based on what weve talked about youd like it to just say nothing at all if there are no likes yet.

        like its a tease or something: “hey, it says…” “oh, it just says be the first, etc.”

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      4. sounds perfectly reasonable to me. fwiw i think it should be something you can customize. why have it so you can customize one thing, and not this thing? kind of inconsistent in design. eh.


    1. I dislike the way WordPress.com users like things they don’t really like that much just to get a better reputation.

      I was once one of these people but I stopped because I decided I wanted to select what I like without having to like every post from everyone I follow.

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