ECG SeaSurf For Windows Build 1 End of Support date

ECG SeaSurf for Windows Build 1 End of Support.

When I was first developing ECG SeaSurf, I planned a “Build 1” so users could provide feedback before the release of the web browser.

Did you know that developer builds don’t have a very long support life cycle. They are supported with mainstream support until the “Stable” version is released, and extended support ends many days after.

The End of Support date for ECG SeaSurf Build 1 is…

29th January 2017!

Now support has ended for this version. Please upgrade!

The End of Support date for ECG SeaSurf Build 1 Final is…

6th February 2017

I would recommend updating to my stable, more supported shiny ECG SeaSurf 1.0 anyway. If you have any concerns about Build 1 or Build 1 Final, please ask them before End of Support in the following blog post: SeaSurf for Windows – Build 1 Final (supports Build 1 as well) using the comments.


Epic Chas Gamer 😀

31 thoughts on “ECG SeaSurf For Windows Build 1 End of Support date

  1. you should definitely support each version for a minimum of 3 months– maybe 6.

    i mean, unless you have thousands of users or retire the software altogether. this presumes you ever supported the software in the first place– its not like theres a law (in most places) that you have to. if its only good for a week after the new version comes out– i suppose if we are being “serious” then you could have full suport vs. some smaller level of support– whatever “support” means.

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      1. SeaSurf for Windows has already been released official! And yes, It is an exe file. As SeaSurf is a new application, Windows SmartScreen may not like SeaSurf. Just click More Info, and then click Run Anyway! SeaSurf is no virus!

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      2. Thanks for being one of the first SeaSurf users.

        Try opening a command prompt and type in cd C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads

        Then type in SeaSurfForWindows.exe and you may see a windows smartscreen dialog. Click More info and click Run Anyway. What text do you see in the command prompt. Please reply with any errors. Thanks! Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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      3. Hmm. That is weird. It should be compatible.

        ECG SeaSurf requires Windows Vista or later. Here are the software and system requirements:


        OS: Windows Vista
        Processor: Any Intel x86 based.

        Recommended: Windows 7 or later
        Processor: A modern Intel x86 or x86 based

        Can you reply to tell me what the your windows is incompatible window says 🙂 🙂

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      4. If that is what you wish to do, then you can download the test build for next year’s SeaSurf for Android if you want!

        Report bugs at Even though this bug reporter assumes you use the latest version of SeaSurf, this can be stable or test, so testers can leave feedback too!

        Get the test build here!

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    1. I suggest, that in the future, you report errors and issues with ECG SeaSurf at That way, people will be able to vote in a poll, so I can see how many people get the same issue, and how many people don’t. Hope my tip helps 🙂 🙂


      1. Hello ARJ! I remembered some time ago you reported a bug about Windows 7 and SeaSurf. Visit to report bugs in the future. Thx!


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