Ways to get Microsoft Office for free

Usually, you have to pay money for Microsoft Office. But there are several ways to get Office for free, even if it isn’t forever. From a 60-day free trial for Office 2013 to Mobile and Web versions of Office, you can use (even if it is just trying) Office for free.

  1. Office 2013:

Microsoft Offer a 60-day free trial of Office Professional Plus 2013. You can get it here!


It stays up to date with the latest security patches for Office 2013.

It has all the features of Office 2013.


It only lasts 60 days (2 months)

It isn’t Office 2016.

2. Office Online:

If you have a Microsoft Account, you can use web versions of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote. These are completely free for life. Find it at office.com.


It is free for life.

It works with all different kinds of Microsoft Accounts.


It is more limited.

There isn’t Publisher.

It requires an Internet Connection.

3. Office mobile apps:

Office is available in the Windows Store, Google Play and the App Store as mobile apps. But only Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.


Editing is free on 10.1 inch screens and smaller.

The software is free for life.


It is more limited.

To edit on screens bigger than 10.1 inches, an Office 365 subscription is required.

4. Alternatives:

There are several alternatives to Office such as LibreOffice. Wow, LibreOffice still looks like Word 2003.

And then there is Microsoft Works. Despite being old, it could still help your business or household be productive.


5. The upcoming BeProductive:

Last month, I announced BeProductive software.


It is free for life

It is easy to use.


It has not been released yet.

It will not be the same as Microsoft Office.

6. Grab it.

Grab a copy of Office from work or University – they may let you have it for free. Places like that need Office, so you may be able to get your hands on it.


It may have enhanced work and productivity features.


It may not be the latest version.


Epic Chas Gamer 😀

Do you know any ways to get Office for free. Leave your tip as a comment! 🙂 🙂



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