37 thoughts on “Is there any ways to convert Windows .exe files to Android .apk files?

  1. I do believe what can be done is that you can use the flash game method to add the file to your apk which uses JavaScript and the file source but I’m not sure if you have to host the exe file on some place like drop box, I think the trick here is to get the exe file a URL and allowing peoples phones to run the file by default when loading up the app apk file. Don’t quote me on that but it could give you a shot! Good luck and let me know how it goes ✌😁

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  2. not exactly, no. the formats are entirely incompatible. the way an .apk is made is entirely different from the way an .exe is made.

    there are some .exe files that can be run in android using an emulator. thats probably not going to help you here. if you had an old dos game as an .exe, you could probably run it in dosbox (available for practically every platform you can imagine, including android.)

    in some cases, the .exe comes from source which can also be compiled for android using the sdk. there are some dialects of basic which compile (or otherwise run) for both windows and android. ive run fig on android, but that only works because there are python interpreters for practically every platform. fig graphics mode still doesnt work on android (as it requires pygame.)

    the short and simple version is: how to get an android version of something depends on which .exe and how it was made. youll have to be more specific. and if youre hoping to put your python browser on android… dont bet on it, the necessary python libraries probably arent available on android. (glueing your python interpreter to the bytecode into an .exe wont change that at all.)

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    1. Why bother creating android software at all?

      Because many people have Android phones or tablets, and it wouldn’t be fair if SeaSurf existed on the PC, and not the tablet. Hope my answer helps you 🙂 🙂

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      1. oh what i meant was– if you can create non-android apps and convert them all the time (which you cant) why go to the trouble of making android-only apps?

        actually theres an answer to that too, but i think any apk converter (if not a hoax or joke) is going to be very limited. please do a review if you find a decent one.

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  3. I suggest that in the future, you ask such questions on Stack Exchange or Quora, or other Q&A forums. You will get a lot more answers a lot more quickly, and the people who answer will actually know things, unlike me.

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    1. Thanks for the tip. I tried Change my software exe to apk but it wanted me to take a survey :(. And I don’t need to publish my app to the Play Store, I can just host it on Microsoft OneDrive as an apk.

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