How to create a basic web browser in Visual Studio 2015


Here is how to create a simple web browser with Visual Studio. This example covers the basics of the WebBrowser tool in Visual Studio and how it works. The web browser example contains only the basic components of a web browser: an address bar and a button that tells the program to load the URL entered into the address bar.

First, fire up Visual Studio and click Create New Project. Choose Windows Form Application. Call the application what you want your web browser to be called. As this is not SeaSurf or WebNet, I am calling it WebBrowserExample but you can call it what ever you like.


Click OK and the project should load.

You should see the designer for the project. Resize the window shown in the design.



Click on the properties of Form1, and change the text to what you want the title of your window to be.

Then click on Toolbox and drag in a Button and a TextBox.

Then drag in a WebBrowser.


Now double click on the GO! button (or whatever you renamed it to in properties) and you should see the application’s code.

Here is the code for the GO! button:

string Webpage = textBox1.Text.Trim();

Save and run the web browser. Build “yourappname.exe” to be able to share it online!


Hope you like it! I may post future tutorials about adding Back and Forward buttons.

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2 Part 2

A long time ago, in a year, er, last year, anyway, I wrote about Sir Wolf’s Castle. I am determined to write about it at least 5 times every month this year, hopefully more. Sorry, I won’t be able to do that in January (it is almost over) but February will have some mind-blowing stories.

And I know what you are thinking, GET ON WITH THE STORY! so I will. Let’s start it.



Yes, I understand Bum Smacker is a really rude name for Smacker, but it was the only one I could think of. And oops, you are mad at me cause I am randomly talking, not getting on with the story.

All the Wolves fought Smacker and Evil, Untamed Wolves taunting Shield because of his surname. Evil said it was just natural, but the untamed gave Smacker and Evil pushes called “pushies”.

“Don’t give pushes, tamed wolves.” said Sir Smacker, who thought all wolves were tamed.

“Pushies are good for you” said an untamed wolf.

Smacker and Evil were overpowered. They were locked up and put in prison.

However, they have stolen the keys. Wonder what happens in Story 3?

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Lenovo Ideapad 310 review: Intel Core i3 6th Generation, 8GB RAM and more!

For Christmas, I asked for a powerful laptop with an Intel Core i3 6th Generation processor and 8GB RAM. And I got just what I wanted: A Lenovo Ideapad 310!

So, let’s take a look at it!

Pre-Loaded software:

Most laptops come with special software that isn’t preloaded on others. The Lenovo Ideapad 310 comes with Cyberlink ISO Viewer (perfect for installing Ubuntu), Connect 2 (allows you to transfer files from Android device to PC), and much more.

It came preloaded with Microsoft Windows 10, as well as a lot of Lenovo Wallpapers. That’s all I have to say on preloaded software.


It wouldn’t be very fair if I didn’t take a look at the specs of this laptop. First things first, it has an Intel Core i3 6th Generation (2015), 8GB of DDR4 RAM, High speed Wi-Fi and Intel HD Graphics. It’s CPU architecture is AMD64, despite having an Intel Core i3.

Game test:

Minecraft runs really well even at the highest settings. If you are a gamer, then the Lenovo Ideapad 310 should be considered.

Hope you liked the review!

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Is Windows Compatibility Mode perfect?

Is Windows Compatibility Mode perfect for running programs not working with new Windows Versions. But are these settings perfect?

If you had a program that worked wondefully with Windows 8 or 8.1, for example, and it failed or didn’t work properly in Windows 10, you right click on the Program, then the compatibility tab, and then choose the Windows version you want the program to run in. The program should run.

But not always. I tried downloading Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 and tried running it without compatibility mode. It gave an error about it only being compatible with Win7 so tried running in compatibility mode and it gave me the same error.

So, Windows compatiblity mode may not be perfect, but it can still run a majority of programs.

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