Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2

I hope you really liked Story 1! Anyways, it is time for Story 2, lets get going!

Wolfy Wolf was old enough to become king. Chas was happy for him to become king. A party was held, celebrating the fact that Wolfy (now known as Sir Wolf) was King.

Meanwhile, Sir Smacker and Sir Evil (now called Bum Smacker and Shield Evil), were watching. They were prepared to destroy Sir Wolf and rule the castle once again.

Sir Wolf was determined to beat the evil enemies.

“Guards, arrest them!” he said.

The guards locked Smacker and Evil up in prison. However, Shield Evil had stolen the key. He unlocked the door one night and escaped. The alarm went off and the wolves walked out, determined to beat Smacker and Evil.

What will happen in Story 2 Part 2? Well, leave your suggestions below as a comment!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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