Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 1 Part 2

So here it is, Story 1 Part 2. I know you all can’t wait, so I decided to write a Part 2 the day after. So, here is the story!

Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fought well against Sir Smacker and Sir Evil. Some wolves helped Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fight Smacker and Evil, but they quickly got tired. Then suddenly the ground began to shake and a voice boomed “Where is MY Wolfy Wolf!”. It was Herobrine. As soon as he saw Wolfy, he attacked Smacker and Evil with anger.

“How dare you!” shouted Brine. “Steal MY wolf?”.

Sir Smacker and Sir Evil were horrified. They ran away. Herobrine turned back into Brine. He said “When Wolfy is old enough, he will become king. In the meantime, Epic Chas Gamer will become king.”

“Thank you” said Epic Chas Gamer.

Many years later…

What will happen in Story 2. Why not make some suggestions in the comments below. Hoped you liked Part 2!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀


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