Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 1

As I mentioned in the previous story, two friends heard about Sir Smacker and the wolves. They must save the wolves.

A man called Brine, owned a wolf called Wolfy Wolf. Sir Smacker wanted Wolfy to be his servant, so he stole Wolfy one day. Brine turned into Herobrine and destroyed a few villages in anger.

Wolfy Wolf was only 5 weeks old, and as he grew older Sir Smacker asked him to do the cleaning up for him but Wolfy refused – “I am not your servant!”.

Sir Smacker was furious so he wanted to eat Wolfy for his tea. He ordered his slaves to put Wolfy in the oven. But when Sir Smacker and Sir Evil opened the Oven to check whether their Roast Wolfy was ready, nothing was there but a note.

“Stop being mean to the wolves, Sir Smacker and Sir Evil”

From Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl.

Sir Smacker was outraged. He smashed the oven with his knife and two players appeared at the kitchen door.

“It’s over, Smacker”

“Surrender, Shield Evil”

“You read our note. We mean what we said. We saved Wolfy.”

“But how?” said the stressed Sir Evil.

“Heard of the invisibility potion?”

“Destroy them!” shouted Sir Smacker.

Winter Girl’s husky attacked Sir Evil, while Chas attacked Sir Smacker. Sir Smacker pressed a button as hard blocks surrounded Chas and Winter Girl.

“It’s over, invaders. Surrender!”

Who did Sir Smacker not surround with hard blocks? Well, find out in Story 1, Part 2!

Hope you enjoyed my story!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀


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