Is a Power Bank enough to power Amazon Echo Dot?

For Christmas, I got a Power Bank and an Amazon Echo Dot. The Power Bank is great for emergency when you need to charge your phone and there are no power sockets on a train or car (example). The Power Bank can charge an iPhone 4. But can it power the Echo Dot?

I tried charging up my Power Bank and plugging it into Echo Dot. I waited a few seconds and it worked! It runs perfectly and can play BBC Radio One really well 🙂 :).

Coming next: How to listen to BBC Radio One and other Radio Stations with Amazon Alexa.

2 thoughts on “Is a Power Bank enough to power Amazon Echo Dot?

  1. your power bank should list the wattage somewhere– or the current in milliamps.

    you want the power bank to supply more than the 9 watts that your echo dot requires– if it supplies less then youre creating a hazard for the power bank and probably shortening the life of the battery in the dot.

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