Getting Started with Cortana on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a powerful* digital assistant called Cortana. Cortana can do lots. From asking questions to reminding yourself to go to the shops to pick up some milk later, Cortana can do more than just that.

To access Cortana, click on the circle next to the Windows Logo (or click in the Search box) and click on the mic. You’ll need a mic for your PC (my laptop has a built-in one).

Click the settings icon in Cortana, and you can manage what she can do. Turn on “Hey Cortana” support so you can just say “Hey Cortana” to access her easily.

Basic Cortana commands:

What’s the time?
What do you think of Windows 10?
What do you think of Bill Gates?
Wake me up at 7:30am
Remind me to pick up milk next time I pass a supermarket
Who are you?
Open Microsoft Edge
What can I do with you?

There are lots more commands. The “What can I do with you?” command shows you some, but search the web if you need more commands.


Epic Chas Gamer 😀

*Cortana experience may vary with Region and Device

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