Is the Logitech K380 compatible with Linux and the Raspberry Pi 3?

Linux is not listed as a compatible Operating System on or on the box of the keyboard.

My old bluetooth keyboard worked with my Raspberry Pi and my hudl2.

Last night, I tested my new bluetooth keyboard with my hudl2. It worked fantastically. But will it work with my Raspberry Pi 3, with built-in Bluetooth 4.1?

So, lets try it out!

My bluetooth keyboard allows up to 3 devices to connect at the same time. My hudl2 is device 1. So, this means my Raspberry Pi is going to be device 2.

First, click on the bluetooth icon in the panel, and make sure bluetooth is turned on.

Next, click Make Discoverable. Then click Add Device, and switch your Logitech K380 on. Press on F1 if your Raspberry Pi is going to be the first device connected, F2 if your Raspberry Pi is going to be the second and F3 if your Raspberry Pi is going to be the third device connected. Press on F1, F2 or F3 for 3 seconds. Then click on the Keyboard and press Pair. Type in the numbers it tells you to type, press enter and you should find your Pi connected.

The K380 also should work on other Linux PCs, so give it a go!


Epic Chas Gamer


9 thoughts on “Is the Logitech K380 compatible with Linux and the Raspberry Pi 3?

  1. Thanks for the tutorial ru through. I luv my K380 keyboard because it is so useful to have 3 keyboards wrapped up in a compact package. I also like the easily readable keys. (Aging old eyes) and the tactile feel of the keys. It is also not a clicky-clacky keyboard so it doesn’t send other people up the wall. : )


    1. Thanks! I have a RPi Zero Wireless and as it only has one USB slot (use for the wireless mouse) and the bluetooth keyboard is the only keyboard I use on the device. I am glad you enjoy my blog and I hope you keep reading!


  2. I have trouble getting the Apple wireless keyboard to work with RP4, so I am glad to hear that this keyboard works! So I guess it is not necessarily true that all bluetooth keyboards work out of the box! Thanks for the post!


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