Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2

I hope you really liked Story 1! Anyways, it is time for Story 2, lets get going!

Wolfy Wolf was old enough to become king. Chas was happy for him to become king. A party was held, celebrating the fact that Wolfy (now known as Sir Wolf) was King.

Meanwhile, Sir Smacker and Sir Evil (now called Bum Smacker and Shield Evil), were watching. They were prepared to destroy Sir Wolf and rule the castle once again.

Sir Wolf was determined to beat the evil enemies.

“Guards, arrest them!” he said.

The guards locked Smacker and Evil up in prison. However, Shield Evil had stolen the key. He unlocked the door one night and escaped. The alarm went off and the wolves walked out, determined to beat Smacker and Evil.

What will happen in Story 2 Part 2? Well, leave your suggestions below as a comment!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 1 Part 2

So here it is, Story 1 Part 2. I know you all can’t wait, so I decided to write a Part 2 the day after. So, here is the story!

Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fought well against Sir Smacker and Sir Evil. Some wolves helped Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl fight Smacker and Evil, but they quickly got tired. Then suddenly the ground began to shake and a voice boomed “Where is MY Wolfy Wolf!”. It was Herobrine. As soon as he saw Wolfy, he attacked Smacker and Evil with anger.

“How dare you!” shouted Brine. “Steal MY wolf?”.

Sir Smacker and Sir Evil were horrified. They ran away. Herobrine turned back into Brine. He said “When Wolfy is old enough, he will become king. In the meantime, Epic Chas Gamer will become king.”

“Thank you” said Epic Chas Gamer.

Many years later…

What will happen in Story 2. Why not make some suggestions in the comments below. Hoped you liked Part 2!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀


How to record gameplay on Windows 10


First, Start up your game. Press the Windows key, then G and press the recording button. You will now be able to record your game. Click on the stop button to finish the recording.


I don’t see any Game bar when I press Win+G?

Your game may not be supported.

My PC slows down a lot

Your PC may not meet the minimum requirements.

Enjoy recording!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

Introducing the World of ECG

"The Blue Marble" photograph of Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 mission. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the upper half of the disc, whereas Antarctica is at the bottom.

View of the Earth from far away. Image: Wikipedia

Today I introduce to you: The World of ECG.

The World of ECG contains awesome stuff. You can even tell me how I am doing using the feedback poll.

And remember, I am adding to it all the time. Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy it.

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

What is Sir Wolf’s Castle?

Sir Wolf’s Castle is a load of stories about Minecraft wolves  in all different types, wolves that aren’t tamed (neutral wolves), tamed wolves, hostile wolves and half tamed half neutral  (wolves that aren’t tamed that are tamed). Sir Wolf belonged to Brine but Sir Smacker stole him! Sir Smacker ordered him to be his servant but the five week old puppy, Sir Wolf refused which made Sir Smacker furious! So his master Sir Evil ordered their servants to cook him in the oven! When they went to the oven  they found nothing but a note

Sir Evil and servant,

do NOT be mean to wolves

Winter Girl

to be continued……..

Winter Girl 🙂 . .




Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 1

As I mentioned in the previous story, two friends heard about Sir Smacker and the wolves. They must save the wolves.

A man called Brine, owned a wolf called Wolfy Wolf. Sir Smacker wanted Wolfy to be his servant, so he stole Wolfy one day. Brine turned into Herobrine and destroyed a few villages in anger.

Wolfy Wolf was only 5 weeks old, and as he grew older Sir Smacker asked him to do the cleaning up for him but Wolfy refused – “I am not your servant!”.

Sir Smacker was furious so he wanted to eat Wolfy for his tea. He ordered his slaves to put Wolfy in the oven. But when Sir Smacker and Sir Evil opened the Oven to check whether their Roast Wolfy was ready, nothing was there but a note.

“Stop being mean to the wolves, Sir Smacker and Sir Evil”

From Epic Chas Gamer and Winter Girl.

Sir Smacker was outraged. He smashed the oven with his knife and two players appeared at the kitchen door.

“It’s over, Smacker”

“Surrender, Shield Evil”

“You read our note. We mean what we said. We saved Wolfy.”

“But how?” said the stressed Sir Evil.

“Heard of the invisibility potion?”

“Destroy them!” shouted Sir Smacker.

Winter Girl’s husky attacked Sir Evil, while Chas attacked Sir Smacker. Sir Smacker pressed a button as hard blocks surrounded Chas and Winter Girl.

“It’s over, invaders. Surrender!”

Who did Sir Smacker not surround with hard blocks? Well, find out in Story 1, Part 2!

Hope you enjoyed my story!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀


Introducing SeaSurf Safety Centre

SeaSurf is my web browser project, with an expected release in 2017. SeaSurf’s aim is to build a safe and powerful web browser for the future.

I present to you, the SeaSurf Safety Centre.

You can find it at It contains advice for families and for regular users of how to keep safe on the web.

Remember, the Safety Centre is still in beta, so if you have an idea or safety tip, please leave your idea(s) or tip(s) as a comment on this post!

I hope you like the Safety Centre. You can even leave some criticism below (try to be as positive as you can, however).

Epic Chas Gamer, developer of SeaSurf 🙂 🙂