Monthly Roundup: November 2016

November 2016 has gone so fast! Let’s see what has happened in November 2016 for my blog!

New updates: remove search widget and added header image, and added search beneath the header. 

PIXEL 1.1: I check for Raspbian updates occasionally, and guess what I found! PIXEL 1.1: update now using sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade!

 Chromium ARM updates: A user called Huey found an issue with the Chromium ARM installer: the Chromium files had been updated! Lucky, I have fixed this issue and updated Chromium ARM installer. You can find the updated installer here!

Windows History: There was no Cortana in 1985! What is the history of Microsoft Windows? Well, glad you asked! I have made a post about Microsoft Windows’ history.

Jack and Windows: I made some stories about a boy called Jack and his Dad, who go on some adventures with software made by Microsoft.

ECG SeaSurf: A few days ago, I revealed I am developing a web browser. I decided to call it SeaSurf. It is written in Python and currently unfinished.

And that’s it! I wonder what December has in store for my blog, and if you enjoy this post, why not like it (if you have a account) or comment on it ( account or email)? 

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

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