What do you really want to see in ECG SeaSurf?

I have came up with a name for the web browser I am developing. I am calling it SeaSurf. What features do you really want in SeaSurf. I will try my hardest to add the features to ECG SeaSurf, but I can’t guarantee.

You can vote for more than one feature!

Have a nice day!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

8 thoughts on “What do you really want to see in ECG SeaSurf?

  1. ever since mozilla decided that users were too stupid to handle a gui option to turn off javascript and images, ive hated mozilla and wanted more alternatives. of course theres noscript and about:config, but downloading a plugin or editing the windows registry shouldnt be the only options.

    if a browser doesnt even have an option to turn off images and js, i cant take it seriously. unless it doesnt load them at all– then i just cant use it.

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    1. I will try my best! I have almost finished the first build, so don’t expect it in that. I hope to add this feature in build 2. Sorry for my late reply, I have been rather busy today 😎


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