Google Chrome for Windows XP and Vista end of support

Jack, who was featured in my last story, Internet Explorer 9 End of support and his Dad also have a desktop PC with Windows XP. Trouble occurs when Jack’s Dad can’t update Google Chrome on this PC. Read on to find out what happens.

Jack’s dad was on the computer. Jack was playing in his bedroom.  Jack comes downstairs and asks his dad what he is doing.

“Dad, whatcha doing?”

“I just found out that you can no longer update Chrome on Windows XP and Vista, Jack.”

“What will you do now, Dad?”

“Update to 7”

“OK. Good luck with that.”


“How is is, Dad”

“My PC is incompatible with Windows 7 so I can’t download it”

“Oh no. I am going to be in trouble with your mother,  Jack!”


“Because your mother wants all software on all hardware to be updated, Son!”

“We have only one hour before she comes back from town!”

“We must hurry!”

So, Jack inserted a Windows 7 disk into the PC. Maybe it was compatible.

Jack installed Windows 7 and the PC was incompatible.

“Go to your room, Jack! You have broken the computer”

Jack’s Dad inserted a Windows Vista disk into the PC and installed Windows Vista, deleted Google Chrome and downloaded Firefox.

Jack’s Mum came in.

Hope you liked my story!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


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