Google Chrome for mobile vs. Google Chrome/Chromium for desktop

Google Chrome is available for mobile devices. But there are a few limitations. Is Chrome for mobile a decent replacement for Chrome/Chromium for desktop?

It depends. Chrome for Mobile does not have web store support, you can’t set your homepage to the one you like and there are a few other limitations. If you attach your Android device up to a larger display, you get a desktop-like experience. However, still no web store. 

Chrome for desktop has web store support and Flash 23 support. Chromium for desktop (including Raspberry Pi) has PepperFlash 21 support.

Chrome for mobile does not have Flash or PepperFlash support.

Chrome for mobile can still be a good browser. If you don’t need all these features then Chrome for Mobile is the browser for you. Sadly, if you do need these features, you can’t install Chrome/Chromium for desktop on Android, nor can you install Chrome for mobile on a desktop.

Hope you now know which is better for you:Chrome for mobile or Chrome for desktop!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

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