How do you think you…

…create a .deb archive for Linux Debian and Debian-based systems.

First, open up the Linux terminal. Type:

mkdir whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled

mkdir whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/usr

mkdir whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/usr/local

mkdir whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/usr/local/bin

Then, find all the files and folders you want the package to contain. Copy them into whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/usr/local/bin.

Then, type mkdir whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/DEBIAN into the terminal window.

Then, type sudo apt-get install gedit, then gedit whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled/DEBIAN/control.

Then copy and paste the following:

Package: PackageName
Version: 1.0
Section: base
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Depends: arequiredpackage(>= 1.0)
Maintainer: You
Description: A .deb package example

Replace PackageName with your Package’s name, Version with what version of your package you are distributing, Architecture with the kind of ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) it requires. For example, for Hard float ARM (ARMHF) Change “all” to armhf. For 64-bit AMD (AMD64), change “all” to amd64. Or leave it as “all” so it can be installed on any architecture. If your package requires any other packages, replace arequiredpackage(>= 1.0) with the dependencies (you will need to put their versions as well. Then change You to whatever you want to be known as, then change A .deb package example with a description suiting your package.

Click Save then close Gedit. Then type into the terminal:

dpkg-deb –build whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled

Test-run the installation with:

sudo dpkg -i whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled.deb

Remember to replace whatyouwantyourpackagetobecalled with what you want your package to be called.

Have a nice day!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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