Epic Chas Gamer 1.3

Update-time! A new update for Epic Chas Gamer!

Change log:

Changed name from ECG back to Epic Chas Gamer

Added new flag counter

NOTE: As I haven’t used flag counter in the past, it says that only a couple of countries have viewed my blog. Lots of countries have viewed my blog before, it is just something to do with flag counter.

Hope you like the update!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Flag Counter

7 thoughts on “Epic Chas Gamer 1.3

    1. Great to see you again. To follow, you scroll down until you find follow. If you are a WordPress.com user and logged in, then just tap follow. If you are not a WordPress.com user then type your email. Then click follow. You should get sent an email asking for confirmation. Confirm that you want to follow the blog and bang! You will receive an email each time I publish a new post on this blog.

      Hope that helps you!

      Epic Chas Gamer 😎


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