Classic Epic Chas Gamer finally reaches an end

For 3 years Charlieseverythingblog (my original blog) was going through a ‘classic’ phase. For almost a year, Epic Chas Gamer has too. However, classic Epic Chas Gamer reaches an end before it’s first year!

Instead of an Epic Chas Gamer classic v3.2, I present to you…

… ECG v1.02!

It doesn’t remove the tagline, oh no. It changes the tagline from ‘Unbelivably Epic’ to ‘Gaming, coding and more’. It also changes site name from Epic Chas Gamer to ECG, E for Epic, C for Chas and G for Gamer. My username remains the same and so does my blog address.

Of course, it has loads more features! Lets explore them!

New follow button:

The follow button hasn’t changed – it is the same old one. However, the text shown above it is different.


The new follow text

A note: ECG 1.02 is still in development. I will add far more features. For now, enjoy!

Epic Chas Gamer, owner of ECG 😀

PS: Charlieseverythingblog is still at classic, and will be for a long time, but Charlieseverythingblog classic will be getting it’s limited update soon!


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