Epic Chas Gamer 3.1

Might not be the Epic Chas Gamer 4.0 (yet) but Epic Chas Gamer 3.1 is here! It is a very small tweak to the blog, with the following features:

Removed a few of the widgets

Changed font from Default Font to ‘Ubuntu’ font (you can guess why).

Epic Chas Gamer 4.0 – what is coming:

Change blog title from Epic Chas Gamer to ECG

Edit about page

Also, next year when the WordPress 2017 theme is released, Epic Chas Gamer (may be known as ECG in the future) will change to that theme.

In a week’s time, Epic Chas Gamer will be updated to 3.2.

Some features for 3.2:

Removed tagline

New blog icon (my gravatar will also change)

I am excited!

Epic Chas Gamer (ECG) 😎

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