How to make your Android device charge faster


Let’s say, your phone/tablet has 17% charge. You need to go to out in 15 minutes. You will definitely need to charge it up. But does your device gain enough charge in just 15 minutes? Probably not.

Here is a guide of how to boost up your device’s charge:

1. Enabling Aeroplane mode, plugging in your device to charge, waiting for a bit, then unplugging your device and disabling Aeroplane mode.

First, swipe the top of the screen and then tap Aeroplane mode to enable. Then plug in your device and charge it. After a bit, unplug your device and swipe up and tap Aeroplane mode to disable.

TEST: 17%, in 7 minutes 21%

2. Closing all apps and then plugging your device in. This will help charging, but doesn’t help much. It will help a bit.

TEST: 23%, in 8 minutes 29%.

Combine Step 1 with this step!


3. Power off your device and charge it. This helps. Once it has enough charge, power it on and unplug it.

Hope your device now charges a little quicker!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


One thought on “How to make your Android device charge faster

  1. I just did what your blog post said, I hope it works!!
    Snowbunny 787 🐰
    PS I think it will work📱(I have a tablet) I can’t get a tablet emoji


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