A tablet buying guide

Android, iOS or Windows 10? What kind of tablet should you buy?

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WordPress dashboard in Chrome Browser for Android


Very common for tablets. Android tablets are extremely fast and popular.

Android tablets – pros:

You can install Word and the other Office apps onto Android.

Whether you are looking for amazing graphics, or basic power, you’ll find an Android tablet right for you.

Some apps are android exclusive

Android tablets – cons:

The Chrome Web Store doesn’t work on Android.

Some Android tablets can’t update to the latest Android version.


Windows 10 tablets are like PCs but they are tablets.

Windows 10 – Pros:

You can run full computer software on full Windows 10 tablets.

Your tablet works just like a PC.

Windows 10 – cons:

If you use ‘PC Mode’ it won’t be very tablet friendly.

Microsoft’s official tablets like the Surface Pro 3 and 4 cost an awful lot.


IPads cost a lot of money but work like normal tablets. But the OS – iOS is different

iOS – Pros:

Some apps in the iOS store are iOS exclusive

There are some iOS exclusive features

iOS – Cons:

There is no “All apps” Menu like in Android. This means apps can clog up your home screen

You are restricted to the built-in apps and apps from the app store – you can’t install from third party .apk files like you can on Android. However, this restriction helps you stay secure.

So, what tablet do you think you should buy? I hope this guide helps you! Remember, if you would like to recommend something to me tell me in the comments!


Epic Chas Gamer 😀



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