The Pi 3 review

Months ago I got my Pi 3. I also got a microSD  preloaded with NOOBS v1.9 and a Raspberry Pi 3 official power supply.

I was asking myself lots of questions when I got it out the box. As the Pi 3 is more powerful, are there any plans for Mojang to update Minecraft Pi Edition to add new features and improve the API? Are any new Linux Distributions going to be ported over?

The Pi 3 booted up and I sat down. It booted up in seconds and I connected to Wi-Fi using the built in Wi-Fi support. I installed GIMP (sudo apt-get install gimp) and it ran fantasticly on the Pi 3 and played Minecraft – Pi Edition and it ran really fast though it was still the same version as normal.

OpenGL support was amazing. I put video=1184×624 into /boot/cmdline.txt and enabled OpenGL and put gpu_mem to 128. I could play GLTron (sudo apt-get install gltron) and Neverball (sudo apt-get install neverball) on my Pi 3. I did disable OpenGL though. However, I like OpenGL and I will enable it sometimes.

Last month, a Raspbian update arrived and it contained the Chromium Web Browser v51! Epic! Chromium ran fast on the Pi 3.

Scratch and Geany ran very well.


In my opinion, the Raspberry Pi 3 is a great device for programming, play and web browsing. It only has 1GB RAM so do not open too many things at once. (example: don’t run LibreOffice Writer and Impress at the same time as 3 Chromium Windows.


The Pi 3 is great!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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