Stuck at a certain amount of views

Lets say, you one day view your Stats. Lets say you had got 21 views that day. You leave your stats alone for a bit and post a few things.

Then, lets say your blog attracted a lot of traffic yesterday. But it doesn’t matter about views. Then, about 10 minutes later, you go to stats. It still says you have 21 views. Wait for the page to load. Still 21 views.  But it doesn’t matter about views. What time is it? If it is teatime, people might be having their tea. If you are writing at night and are about to go to bed, people with the same timezone as you or similar may be asleep. People might be playing on the computer. People might be trying to make their own blog awesome. That is OK. You will get some more views soon.

Try refreshing your stats regularly.

Remember, it doesn’t matter about views!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀

2 thoughts on “Stuck at a certain amount of views

  1. Keep blogging – because it really *doesn’t* matter about the number of views. What matters is you’re writing and putting your thoughts out there. If you keep doing that – and you will get better and better at it, as a result! – the views will come. Keep up the good work!

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