Getting your blog indexed by search engines – what you need to know

Lets say, you write a blog post. Then someone else searches for something that may be in the blog post, or may relate to the blog post. KBANG! Your blog should be there. They click on it and ta da! An increase of blog traffic! Then loads of people search something similar. Ta da!

If you are getting a description for this result is not available because of robots.txt, visit

Even though I have fixed robots.txt, some search engines still say that a description is not available. However, Google shows a description and most people use Google, so that is OK.

Not all your posts get indexed by search engine. Thousands if not millions of posts could relate to that search, so don’t expect all your posts to become hits. However, if someone finds another post that is on your blog, as they are on your blog they could find other posts of yours as well.

So, I hope that helps you understand more about your blog being indexed by search engines. If not, don’t forget to comment why. YOU SEE THAT LIKE BUTTON. SMASH IT TO PIECES!

If this helps you, comment with your tips!

Epic Chas Gamer 😀


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