Run LibreOffice on your Raspberry Pi

Hey guys! This tutorial will show you how to install and run LibreOffice on your Raspberry Pi!

On the latest version of Raspbian LibreOffice is pre-installed so you can simply open Menu, then Office and then click one of the several LibreOffice apps.

On older versions of Raspbian LibreOffice may not be pre-installed but you can install it by opening the Terminal and typing:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade && sudo apt-get -y install # Install LibreOffice onto Raspberry Pi

There are several LibreOffice apps

LibreOffice – All the LibreOffice apps

LibreOffice Base – Make databases

LibreOffice Draw – Edit and draw pictures

LibreOffice Impress – Create presentations

LibreOffice Writer – Create and edit Word Documents

LibreOffice Calc – Calculate sums and make small databases


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