How to do a NOOBS recovery on your Raspberry Pi

Sure, you can use NOOBS to switch between Operating Systems and overwrite corrupted ones on the Raspberry Pi, but what about resetting NOOBS itself.

1. Slot your SD/MicroSD Card into a normal PC (if your PC doesn’t have a build-in SD Card slot you will need a USB SD Card Reader). You will need a microSD to SD adapter if your Pi is a Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi Zero, Pi B+ or Pi A+.

2. Delete all the data on the SD Card (this will delete everything on the SD Card so make sure any valuable data is backed up first)

3. Download NOOBS from Download the NOOBS ZIP file and unzip it to the SD Card. Once done, unplug the SD Card from the PC and insert it into the Pi’s SD Card slot. Then boot up the Raspberry Pi and NOOBS will load. Click Wi-Fi Networks and select your network (you will need a dongle if you are not using the Pi 3). If you want you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your Pi to the router. Select the OS you want to install.


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