How to download Raspbian ‘wheezy’ in 2016!

With a 4GB SD Card and a RasPi Model B, I wanted to install Raspbian. I tried to use my Pi3 and an SD Reader and dd to write the image of Raspbian over to my 4GB SD Card. Then I plugged the 4GB SD Card into my Pi Model B and booted it up and it booted but never got further than the ‘nonblocking pool is initialised’ message at my Pi’s bootup. So I booted up my Raspberry Pi 3 and plugged in my 4GB SD Card through an SD Reader. I went to and downloaded Raspbian ‘wheezy’ and soon I will use dd to write the image to the SD Card.

Epic Chas Gamer 😎


2 thoughts on “How to download Raspbian ‘wheezy’ in 2016!

  1. Great Epic Chas Gamer!🐺🐰🐺🐰🐺🐰🐺🐰🐺🐰🐺🐰 🐺🐰 🐺🐰🐺🐰🐺 !!!!!!!!!


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