How to insert microSD cards into tablets and phones

1. Make sure your phone/tablet has an microSD card slot.

2. Insert the microSD card into the slot. MAKE SURE THE MICROSD CARD IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY.

3.Go to Settings/Storage and scroll down to the SD Card.



4. To move media to the microSD card, click Move Media to SD Card. Press hard on a file and then click on another to select multiple files. Click Move to move them!

5. Unmount the microSD card by clicking Unmount SD Card. Once unmounted, remove safely or remount again by clicking on Mount SD Card.


6. To move an app to the microSD card, go to settings/apps, click on an app and click Move to SD Card. DONT MOVE THE MICROSD CARD FROM PHONE/TABLET WHILE APP IS BEING TRANSFERRED. This will move the app to the microSD card.


Some apps can’t moved to microSD card


To move back to tablet, press Move to Tablet.



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