Blogosphere Monthly Blog post

Hello everyone. First, if you want your blog to be featured in Blogosphere Monthly Blog post you must use the form at the end of the post (do not comment on this post to request an appearance)

Also, to appear in a Blogosphere post you MUST use the latest Blogosphere post available to request an appearance for next Blogosphere post.

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An app recommendation

If you forget how to craft an item in Minecraft then come to this guide I found whilst surfing the net. It is really helpful!

Find it at!

I hope you like my discovery!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Meet the new SeaSurf Bug Tracker

Today I am proud to open:

The SeaSurf Bug Tracker

Are you experiencing a bug in SeaSurf that you can’t cope with? Well, come to The SeaSurf Bug Tracker and you can report the bug.


The latest version of SeaSurf for your platform. The reason this being is that the bug may of already been fixed because of the latest version. This means that users running Android 4.0 and SeaSurf 1.1 will not be able to report bugs about that version.

Bugs need to be clear, and the reporter should be calm while reporting.

Do not report a bug someone else has already reported.

I will assume that you are using the latest SeaSurf version.

Please specify your platform and (if you know it) OS version.

Thank you!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

Minecraft PE/Win10 Giant Addon

This addon replaces the Zombie with a giant who doesn’t burn in sunlight and is very big. You should hide in Survival as they are really dangerous.

How to install:

  1. Extract the file and you should get a giant.mcpack.
  2. Click on the giant.mcpack file and the addon should open in Minecraft and install.
  3. Enjoy my addon!